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The Untouchables (2 CDs)

The Untouchables (2 CDs)

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Tried of being the devil's punching bag? Then you need this teaching! In this simple yet powerful Bible study, Brother Curry brings a revelation to the Body of Christ that is clearly presented in the Scriptures, yet has been lost to the Church because of the traditions of men. If we are to overcome evil with good, If we are to heal the sick, If we are to cast out devils, Then we were meant to be untouchable, invincible, by the power of God. This is not some high and lofty "out there" teaching, it is just as attainable as salvation. This is a simple exposition of clear scripture in context that allows everyday believers to walk in the promises of God that guarantee that we ALWAYS triumph in Christ Jesus. Find out how to live in constant protection. When you know and walk in this Bible Truth, you will have no fear what the enemy may try to do. Many believers consistenly walk in divine invincibility. This is walking as Jesus walked.

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