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Faith or Fatalism? (MP3 Download) By Brittanie Watson

Faith or Fatalism? (MP3 Download) By Brittanie Watson

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Faith or Fatalism

“And without faith, it is impossible to please God...”

Hebrews 11:16

“God is in control.”

“God works in mysterious ways.”

“If it be thy will, Lord.”

“If God is allowing this, He must have a purpose.”

“I know He is able, but even if He doesn't, He is faithful.”

Have you said or believed any of these things? Is this faith, or is

it fatalism in disguise? In this teaching, Brittanie Watson walks

you through her story of learning the difference between faith

and fate, addresses many common misconceptions in the

church, and teaches how to practically walk by faith. Learn to

walk in the truth of God's Word and rely on His perfect

faithfulness. Christ has given you the victory for every need-

every time. It's time to experience that victory!