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God's Word Is Health (1 DVD & MP3 Disc)

God's Word Is Health (1 DVD & MP3 Disc)

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God’s Word isn’t just information on a page in the Bible...
His Word IS Health to anyone that will choose to believe it.
In this message by Brother Curry, you will not only see the tremendous power that is resident in God’s Word, you will also see how easy it is to believe the promise made by the God of all creation.
The regular storing of God’s Word in your heart and mind is like taking vitamins, it will build your spiritual, mental/emotional and physical immune system resulting in the ability to walk in divine health and be impervious to every sickness and disease!
If you are presently sick, God’s Word IS health to your flesh and reading it, hearing it and choosing to believe and act upon it is the spiritual equivalent to taking medicine.
God’s medicine ALWAYS works against ANY sickness, disease or ailment!
So listen and be healed, act and stay healed