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The Power of Your Words - PDF and Zip File (Children's Resource) By Stephanie Dove Blake

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We have to train our children from the inside out. The Power of Your Words is one tool of many that you can use to allow God's Word to do it's work in the hearts of children. Scroll down to read more. Available Formats: Manual/CD; PDF Downloads.


Are your children speaking horribly to each other or you?

Do you want to connect with your kids but you’re not sure how?

The Power of Your Words Study Guide has been written specifically for use in small groups and/or a family-home setting to foster connection. The goal of this set of lessons is to grow your family (or group) as you study God’s Word together through activities, laughter and discussion.

In the heat of the moment we all struggle with keeping our tongue under control, of course, children are no different. As conflicts arise between children, we must realize that we need to do more than just referee their arguments – We have to get to the heart and train them from the inside out while helping them understand the power of their tongue according to God’s Word.

The Power of Your Words is one tool of many that you can use to allow God’s Word to do it’s work in the hearts of the children in your life. Through study of His Word, scripture memorization, point based coloring sheets, fun and relationship based teaching, children will learn the importance of the tongue and how to speak LIFE!


The Power of Your Words comes with a PACKED Resource FILE (in the form of a CD) that contains resources & worksheets for each lesson. You’ll have access to posters to go with each lesson, worksheets that help bring the point home and even a video file to enhance one of the lessons.

Each lesson contains the following:

  • Preparation Instructions
  • Lesson Objectives
  • An Introduction
  • Suggested Worship/Song Time
  • A Unique and Engaging Activity
  • Lesson Outline (includes scripts)
  • Scripture Memorization
  • And Prayer Time

Each lesson is planned to last a total of 20-30 minutes and is intended for kids ages 4-8 but can be adapted for ages up to 12. For this age range, it is important to keep the truth simple and to the point. You’ll find that each lesson has a lot of discussion questions. I HIGHLY encourage you to engage and have discussions with the children. The more they are able to participate, the more these truths will “stick” in their minds and hearts.

These lessons may be used weekly to create a themed 9-week study (recommended) or delivered daily over a period of a week or two. The Power of Your Words also works well as a vacation Bible school theme.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review Write a review