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When Jesus Prays Through You - Charles Capps

When Jesus Prays Through You - Charles Capps

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As a Christian you have an advocate in heaven - Jesus is your representative. He is your link to the Father as your Intercessor. But many times believers pray in such a way that Jesus is limited in what He can do. When you learn to follow the Spirit in prayer, you'll discover your prayers answered in an amazing way!

In this vital message, bestselling author Charles Capps reveals how you can work with the present day ministry of Jesus in the ministry of intercession. These powerful truths will help you pray more effectively for yourself and for others.

Amazing answers to prayer! Discover these powerful principles in your own life:

  • Why praying for others is a dynamic spiritual weapon 
  • The role of intercession in the Old and New Testaments 
  • Why Jesus referred to Himself as the Son of man 
  • How to use the Word of God as the Sword of the Spirit 
  • Why praying in the Spirit is so vital to intercession 

Jesus needs your cooperation with Him in prayer. This scriptural journey will demonstrate that you are not on your own - you have Jesus as your Intercessor. Learn the power of allowing Jesus to pray the perfect will of God through you.