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Jerusalem: Where Empires Die - Lester Sumrall

Jerusalem: Where Empires Die - Lester Sumrall

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What significance does Jerusalem hold for Christians? Why do Jews and Muslims fight to gain control? Revered as sacred by three major world religions—Christianity, Judaism, and Islam—Jerusalem has been a magnet for political and religious strife. Although its name means “peace,” the city’s history is one of bloodbaths and warfare. Yet Jerusalem seems to exert a strange and beautiful fascination.

Lester Sumrall, who visited Jerusalem more than a hundred times and lived there with his family for a time, portrays the mystical nature of this magnificent city in Jerusalem: Where Empires Die. Using a three-part format, he discusses the religious significance of Jerusalem’s history, the city itself, and the prophecies fulfilled and yet to be fulfilled there.

(Soft Cover, Trade Paper – 125 Pages)