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Dimensions of Spiritual Breakthrough By Timothy Jorgensen

Dimensions of Spiritual Breakthrough By Timothy Jorgensen

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"This devotional book will take you to the next level in your spiritual training!"


There are 'Dimensions of Spiritual Breakthrough' available to every believer in Christ. Everyone has experienced flashes of what is possible in their spiritual life at one time or another. What we need is to make those moments of spiritual clarity and accomplishment a consistent lifestyle for us. This supplement to Spirit Life Training will give some great help in how to help give some focus to what your spirit's potential is in one's everyday life. 

This book focuses on the following areas of Spiritual Breakthrough:
  • Continual God-Consciousness
  • Clarity of Vision and sharpness of spiritual discernment
  • Greater Perception
  • Increasing Your Spiritual Size and Capacity
  • Enlarging of Spiritual Strength and Voice
  • Added Buoyancy in Spirit and Conscious Dominion and Victory within

This book comes with Challenge Questions after each section to help you be able to keep track of your progress, and make the Action Steps personal to your everyday situations.

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