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The Prayer Of Faith (Physical MP3 Disc)

The Prayer Of Faith (Physical MP3 Disc)

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The Prayer of Faith

In most polls taken among Christians, it is seen that most christians don’t pray as much as they know they should.

Many Christians seem to pray “shotgun prayers”, meaning they just say a bunch of words and hope something happens.

Some Christians admit they don’t pray at all anymore. They say they don’t see the need since most prayers just go unanswered.

This is NOT how the life of a Christian should be.

Jesus made it clear that if we ask in His Name, it would be done!

We know Jesus didn’t lie, so what’s the solution?

The solution is to know HOW to pray the prayer of faith.

The prayer of faith is GUARANTEED an answer.

If Christians learn how to know when they are praying in faith and when they aren’t, they can remedy the problem and know how to pray the prayer of faith every time!

In this teaching on “The Prayer of Faith” you will learn how to pray the prayer of faith and get the results that Jesus promised.